How Does it Work?

The Online Estate Planning Solution provides you with the convenience and affordable fixed fee of an on-line estate planning service, together with professional legal advice and individually drafted estate planning documents to meet your unique needs.

  1. Fill out the form and register
  2. Complete the online questionnaire and pay retainer fee
  3. Your Attorney prepares your Estate Plan
  4. Consultation and review with your Attorney
  5. Receive your Estate Plan documents

Customized Living Trusts Prepared by an Experienced Attorney

Our online estate planning solution provides you a flat rate Estate Plan. It allows you to gather information and answer important questions on your time, while you can rest easy knowing your Estate Plan is prepared by an experienced Attorney who will safeguard your Plan from any risks.

There are other full self-service estate planning solutions out there like Legal Zoom, but the problem with cutting out the attorney to create self-service, legal documents is that the documents are full of gray areas and loop holes exposing people to risks, that an experienced attorney can mitigate with ease.

However, we still made the process a bit quicker and less complicated for our clients. Our Online Estate Planning Solution bridges the gap between self-service and working with an Attorney who’s been around the block a few times.

Living Trust Packages

Individual Estate Plan


This Online Estate Planning package is for individuals who need a Living Trust to protect their family and assets should anything bad happen.

Married Couples Estate Plan


This Estate Plan Package is for married couples who need a Living Trust to protect each other and their families should anything bad happen


What is included?


No cookie cutter plans
Intuitive online questionnaire
Complete basic data online
Affordable Estate Plan
Fixed Fees


Attorney discusses your needs
Amend data according to discussion
Attorney explains your Estate Plan
All necessary state-specific documents
Complete living trust


  • Revocable Living Trust (for a married couple, the software automatically determines the correct type of trust — whether a “simple trust”, a “disclaimer trust”, an “A/B trust” or a “Q-Tip trust”)
  • “Pour-Over” Will
  • Certification of Trust
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Assignment of Personal Property
  • General Durable Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Powers (including a “Living Will and Mental Health Care Power of Attorney”) which are HIPAA compliant
  • Burial Instructions
  • Distribution of Personal Property Instruction Form
  • Deed for Residence (if needed)
  • Deed for other Real Property (if needed)
  • Deed for Mineral/Oil & Gas Interests (if needed)
  • Letter of Instructions to Bank
  • Letters of Instruction for Brokers, Mutual Funds and Direct Registration Accounts (if needed)
  • Stock Powers and transmittal letters for stock certificates held by you (if needed)
  • Letters of Instruction for Life Insurance, IRA’s and Annuities (if needed)
  • Assignments for Business Interests, General and Limited Partnerships, LLC’s, Notes and Deeds of Trusts, etc. (again, if needed)
  • Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant (if property is still held in Joint Tenancy with a deceased spouse)
  • Explanation of Estate Planning Provisions
  • Signing Instructions
  • Funding Instructions (for after-acquired assets)

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The Online Estate Planning Solution provides you with the convenience and affordable fixed fee of an on-line estate planning service, together with professional legal advice and individually drafted estate planning documents to meet your unique needs.

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